Rebuild or Replace Your Starter Motor in Calgary

Do you know the symptoms of a bad starter? Even though your car may fire up in the morning, you may still have a bad starter. Bring your car or truck to Alternator & Starter Depot for a diagnostic test if you notice any of the following issues when you start your vehicle:

  • No Response or Clicking Noise When Turning the Key
  • Slow Cranking When You Have a Good Battery
  • Grinding or Whining Motor Noise

Ready for every type of vehicle, Alternator & Starter Depot offers rebuilds, replacements, and specialized services for every type of starter motor. Calgary motorists — whether they drive a car, truck, or other type of vehicle — can all expect expert great service and competitive rates from Alternator & Starter Depot.

Specialty Starter Services and Rebuilds for All Vehicles

For large equipment, snow plows, and motorcycles, Alternator & Starter Depot has the tools and experience to diagnose and solve starter problems beyond your typical car or truck. We can replace, repair, or rebuild the starter in your drilling equipment or ATV. Contact us for information about our specialized services for starter motors, including:

  • Rotating Electrical Starters
  • Air Pressure Starters
  • Starters for Antique Cars

Additional services include:

  • 6, 12, 24, 32 Volt Conversions for Any Units
  • Rotating Electrical Starters
  • Air Pressure Starters
  • Starters for Antique Cars
  • Torque Upgrade
  • ...and more

Since 1994, we’ve been a locally owned and operated company serving the needs of everyone from classic car enthusiasts to everyday commuters just looking for great rates and expert starter motor services. To have your starter diagnosed, repaired, or rebuilt, call or visit Alternator & Starter Depot in Calgary.


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